Dental Fillings Restore Damaged Teeth
By South Berwick Dental
July 21, 2021
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When cavities are left untreated, they can destroy your teeth and cause damage not only to your teeth but throughout your body. That’s why it’s important to fill cavities with dental fillings to keep your smile healthy and bright. Your dentist, Dr. Orendorf, at South Berwick Dental in Eliot, ME, can identify cavities early and help restore your damaged teeth.

How Fillings Can Restore a Damaged Smile

When a cavity takes over your tooth, it can cause decay to sink in and completely damage your tooth. It’s important to visit your dentist in Eliot, ME, regularly so that they can fill your cavity before your tooth is completely damaged. A filling can help to protect the tooth and stop the cavity from spreading and causing damage throughout the mouth and the entire body.

Luckily, getting a cavity filled is a fairly easy procedure and can leave your smile stronger and healthier. Your dentist will first examine your smile and check for any signs of damage and any signs of cavities. If you are being affected by a cavity, your dentist will start the process to fill your cavity.

First, anesthesia will be applied to the affected area, which will help keep you totally comfortable throughout the process. Your dentist will then clean the tooth of any decay, giving your tooth a fresh start. Once the tooth is cleared of the cavity, it will be filled with either an amalgam filling or a porcelain filling, depending on the location of the tooth. If the tooth is closer to the front of your smile, your dentist will most likely use a tooth-colored filling to give you a more natural-looking smile.

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