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By South Berwick Dental
December 10, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Whether the size of your family is small or large, growing or already grown, you will find plenty of benefits to having all your family members treated by your local South Berwick, ME, family dentist. There are many reasons why you would opt for a family dentist, and some are explored below, but to learn more please reach out to Dr. Robert Orendorf of South Berwick Dental.

All-Around Care

Your family dentist, as you might suspect, is able to offer care to every member of your family, at every age. From dentures and dental implants to cosmetic care like teeth whitening, and emergency dentistry for those unforeseen events. Your family dentist's office is a one-stop-shop for treating everyone under your roof.

Caring for Younger Patients

Speaking of everyone under your roof, it's the younger ones that may need special attention, and who is better than a dentist with experience treating children at every stage of their life. With every change there is usually the need for a different type of dental care, when all the baby teeth are gone it's time to begin thinking about cavities and braces, among other concerns. Also, having someone who treats younger patients on a regular basis will be better at dealing with problems like anxiety, which can be further helped by them seeing the adult members of their family also make dental visits a priority.

Added Convenience

Overall convenience is yet another benefit of having a family dentist for all your family's dental needs. If done enough ahead of time you may be able to plan for multiple members of your family to visit the office on the same day, making it easier to work around hectic schedules. With everyone's dental health history centered around the same office, you have far less paperwork to hunt for on your own.

Family Dentist in South Berwick, ME

Lastly, every benefit mentioned above allows you and your dentist both to be proactive about preventive care for you and your whole family.

If you are looking for a dedicated family dentist in or around the South Berwick, ME, area, then schedule a visit with Dr. Orendorf of South Berwick Dental by dialing 207-384-2176.

By South Berwick Dental
April 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Getting dental care for the entire family should never be a dentist

Your entire family should be able to easily get the dental care they need at their disposal. No matter whether a sports injury has left your child with a dental emergency or you just need to book routine cleanings for the whole family, our Eliot, ME, dentist, Dr. Orendorf, is here to tell you why turning to a family dentist could make your lives a lot simpler.

Maintain Healthy Smiles for Your Whole Family

Sure, you could choose a dentist for your children and then visit our Eliot family dentist for care, but we know that that is nothing but a hassle. When you choose a family dentist you can still get the same care that you would get from a regular dentist the only difference is that we have received specialized training to be able to handle the unique and differing needs of every member of your family no matter their age.

So, regardless of whether your child just turned one and it’s time to schedule their first dental appointment or you are a senior citizen who needs to talk about tooth replacement options, we can accommodate everyone in your family.

Tailored Treatment and Individualized Care

Nothing is worse than going to the doctor’s office and realizing that no one really knows your medical history, likes and dislikes, or even who you are. Here at South Berwick Dental, we don’t believe in impersonal medical care. We want to get to know everyone who walks through outdoor so that we can tailor and alter our treatment and care to meet your needs. No matter if you have dental anxieties or your child has a latex allergy, you want to come to a dentist who will remember all this and provide you with care you can trust time and time again.

Enjoy the Convenience of Easy Scheduling an Appointment

We already know that life is hectic and busy, and trying to schedule visits to the dentist shouldn’t make life more challenging. By turning to a family dentist like Dr. Orendorf, we can work with your schedule to ensure that every member of your family gets an appointment and time that works for them. Better yet, you can schedule everyone’s dental cleanings the same day so you don’t have to come back to our office more than twice a year. How’s that for convenient?

Here at South Berwick Dental in Eliot, ME, we pride ourselves on providing personalized dentistry to every person that walks through our door. Our small dental company ensures that when you walk through our door you aren’t just another number with us.

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