Signs That You Might Need Root Canal Treatment
By South Berwick Dental
October 25, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

If inflammation or infection develops in your tooth's root, your dentist, Dr. Orendorf at South Berwick Dental in Eliot, ME, may suggest root Root_Canalcanal treatment. During this procedure, he will remove the dental pulp inside the tooth that has become rotten due to decay or a cracked tooth. Root canal complications may also arise in several canals instead of one. The signs you might need a root canal might be very apparent when this happens because pain usually occurs first.


Signs You Might Need Root Canal Treatment

Additional causes of root canal inflammation include a deep cavity, trauma, or repetitive dental treatment. Correcting the problem will prevent further pain and keep an abscess from forming. The purpose of this procedure is to save the natural tooth, so you don't lose it entirely. Root canal treatment often gets a bad reputation for being an uncomfortable surgery, but you're more likely to suffer if you let the problem go untreated. When you experience persistent and intense pressure in the mouth or feel extreme sensitivity around your gums, these are prominent indicators that you might need root canal therapy.


What Does Root Canal Treatment Involve?

To protect the tooth and restore it to its healthy function,your dentist in Eliot, ME, will carefully clean and disinfect the tooth. With tiny instruments and the aid of a microscope, he will also remove the dead and dying pulp from the infected area. Once this is complete, he will seal the tooth with a crown to prevent further infection.

If you require root canal treatment, Dr. Orendorf at South Berwick Dental in Eliot, ME, will ensure that this procedure is right for you and assure that you are comfortable every step of the way. For questions, concerns, or inquiries, please call your Eliot, ME, dentist at (207) 384-2176.


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